Areas of focus
Areas of focus


One Acre Fund farmers have planted 100 million trees to date, and we aim to see 1 billion trees planted by 2030.

What farmers need

Rural farm families need a reliable way to build long-term assets in addition to seasonal harvests, which can fluctuate each year. Agroforestry offers a path to sustainable profits while also helping the environment.

What we do

One Acre Fund offers a comprehensive tree package that supplements seasonal harvests to bolster farmers' livelihoods, not only directly through increased income, but also through co-benefits like improved soil health. When planted alongside crops, most varieties of trees contribute significantly to soil health by controlling erosion, improving the soil’s ability to absorb water, and maintaining a high level of organic matter, as well as fixing nitrogen. Trees can also play an important role in improving biodiversity.

We believe tree planting is Africa’s single most powerful intervention at the intersection of climate and poverty for smallholder farmers. It is a cost-effective way for rural households to build assets and to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to help tackle the climate crisis. After nearly a decade of research and development,  we are championing Africa’s largest and most efficient farmer-led tree planting initiative — to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

Invest in Farmers

Smallholder farmers hold the key to a brighter future. Help us serve even more farm families today!

Two farmers planting trees