Areas of focus
Areas of focus

Last-mile delivery

The best supplies don't matter if farmers in remotes areas can't access them. We invest in bridging this gap.

What farmers need

In Sub-Saharan Africa, remote communities and infrastructure challenges bring huge challenges. It takes innovative logistics solutions to get people the things they need. 

What we do

One Acre Fund specializes in the last mile of delivery that is so crucial to ensuring the hardest to reach people still get access to life’s necessities. We distribute seeds and supplies within walking distance of farmers' homes, delivering at just the right time so that farmers are able to get their crops in the ground at the right moment.

How do we accomplish this? We deliver through three channels: through retail shops, through our field officers, and most recently through trials of online apps. We use geotagging software to pinpoint and monitor activity at each delivery site to ensure that goods arrive and that farmers get what they ordered. Where there are no good roads, we deliver using alternative modes of transport, like tractors and motorcycles.

Aerial shot of farmers standing around a truck waiting for the delivery to be unloaded in a remote location
Our delivery trucks deliver to within walking distance of farmers' homes 

Invest in Farmers

Smallholder farmers hold the key to a brighter future. Help us serve even more farm families today!

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Three women stand with their bundles of farm supplies on their heads