Climate resilience
Climate resilience

Climate adaptation

One Acre Fund is focused on helping farmers adapt to the rapidly changing climate. Adaption is critical - hundreds of millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on agriculture to support their families.

We train smallholders to adopt climate-smart practices to increase farm yields sustainably. We also support income diversification by offering a range of products from trees to sunflowers, and design safety nets to help ensure financial stability.

Adaptation first: Our top priority is adaptation initiatives that safeguard livelihoods and enable smallholder families to thrive despite the rapidly changing climate.

Boost farm income: We equip smallholders to sustainably increase their farm income by continually reinvesting in – rather than degrading – the environment that supports them. Tailored interventions – from optimised seeds to climate-smart training – maximize yields, increase market access, and raise incomes sustainably. In 2022, we equipped farmers to achieve $316 million in new profits and assets – marking over $1 billion in cumulative farmer impact generated since our founding in 2006.

Ensure income protection: We are in the early stages of developing micro-insurance products to increase affordability and provide reliable disaster relief in times of low yields due to weather events. 

Supply climate-smart training: We provide tailored agricultural training and advice aimed specifically at tackling climate-related issues - including pest management, erosion control, composting, and pH balance improvement. 

Embed resilience: We support robust plant health and enhance resilience to stress through our weather-based guidance on opitimized agronomy. We also promote the diversification of crops and assets, creating resilience and boosting long-term economic security.


A farmer applying compost to his field
We train farmers on how to make and utilize organic compost to improve soil health, reduce soil erosion and boost harvests even during periods of drought