Areas of focus
Areas of focus

Financing and Insurance

Successful farming takes hard work and practical knowledge. It also takes entrepreneurship — and sometimes entrepreneurs need a partner to invest in their vision.

What farmers need

Besides superior products and training, smallholder farmers need financing, insurance, and other services to help them invest in their future.

What we do

We offer a range of services that support farmers to maximize their harvests, protect them from catastrophic events, and help them increase their profits. This starts with the financing they need to get started, including the direct procurement and delivery of farm inputs on credit. 

One Acre Fund is also one of the largest purchasers of farm input insurance on behalf of smallholders in Africa. If extreme weather damages harvests, partial loan forgiveness provides a critical safety net to protect families from financial disaster. Input insurance also increases farmers' confidence to invest in new approaches and experiment with less familiar planting methods. 

In addition, we are piloting programs in some markets to buy high value crops directly from farmers and to provide connections to markets, eliminating middlemen and increasing farmers' profits. 

Rose January stands with her jembe near her home in Malawi
“It’s really helpful to receive this support. If we hadn’t got it, we’d have even less than we do now. I am comparing farmers who don’t farm with One Acre Fund and who didn’t get more seed"

Rose January

A One Acre Fund customer in Malawi who received a seed redelivery as part of her insurance package

Invest in Farmers

Smallholder farmers hold the key to a brighter future. Help us serve even more farm families today!

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A farmer sits winnowing her maize at her home in Uganda