Areas of focus
Areas of focus

Farm supplies

Sometimes the most basic solutions are what make a difference: A quality seed, a simple farm tool. Smallholder farmers don't need a lot to grow a lot.

What farmers need

More productive farms begin with better farm supplies, like high-quality seed and proper soil nutrients. That's why the quality of One Acre Fund's products matters so much.

What we do

Across our operations, we provide farmers with optimal seed varieties based on local climates. We test and offer new varieties for maximum yields and higher resilience to extreme weather, pests, and diseases. Knowing the importance of crop diversity, we supply farmers with an increasingly diverse mix of seed, including maize, beans, and local greens. We also provide high quality tree seedlings, a low-cost, high-impact asset when planted and harvested correctly. 

We invest tremendous resources to ensure that the seeds we offer our farmers are of the highest quality. Every variety we offer starts with years of research, development and testing.

Beyond seeds, we also provide quality fertilizer and encourage microdosing — applying small quantities of fertilizer close to the seed or plant — for the most efficient use possible. Then we supply everything farmers need through the full planting cycle, including farming tools, and harvest products.

Invest in Farmers

Smallholder farmers hold the key to a brighter future. Help us serve even more farm families today!

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Members of the Mama Safi group in Western Kenya pose with their farm supplies