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Since 2013, we have worked with farmers in Tanzania to help them access climate-resistant seeds and maximize their profits.

In rural Tanzania, up to 85% of the population depends on smallholder agriculture for their livelihoods, but they need access to quality agricultural tools and training often in order to overcome the many challenges they face, including intensifying climate change, the global pandemic and economic crisis.

The bundle of training and inputs we offer on credit to farmer groups has a deep and lasting impact here. Our network of dukas (rural retail shops), in addition to allowing us to offer new planting seasons and new products, helps us reach more farmers than ever before, providing them year-round access to climate-resistant seed varieties, fertilizer, and high-demand vegetables and legumes.

How We Serve Farmers

To reach as many farmers as possible, our field officers are supplemented by a rapidly expanding network of dukas, helping us meet local farmers' evolving needs. Our achievements include:

  • Diversifying our customers' crops to include climate-smart, high-value crops that increase resilience and enable larger profits, such as sunflower, macadamia, avocado, and coffee.
  • Building an ambitious tree program that will generate income for rural smallholders while also benefiting the environment and improving soil health.
  • Using technology to help address climate change, including exploring carbon credits and converting to a 100% paperless contracting and repayment system.

“The organization has a good understanding of farmers’ needs. I can get all my inputs even when I do not have much money at the beginning of the season. And this season, we were able to receive trees. I’m looking for much more next season.” Angelus Mwapinga, Njombe District

A One Acre Fund duka manager helps a customer outside a duka in Tanzania
Our dukas provide our customers with even greater access to our services

Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Tanzania.

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A farmer in Tanzania holds two tree seedlings