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Our tree program in Zambia is helping farmers overcome a unique set of challenges.

We operate throughout Central Province, including Chibombo, Chisamba, Kapiri and Luano districts where the majority of the population relies on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Though we've been active here since 2015, we have just recently begun to focus our efforts on agroforestry in response to the unique local challenges faced by smallholder farmers—including price volatility of staple crops, the high cost of supplies, low productivity due to soil and weather conditions, and lack of affordable financing and adequate extension services. 

Agroforestry is the practice of planting trees in or around crops to help increase land productivity - resulting in improved harvests. It also helps build the long term resilience of the farm to the effects of climate change and economic shocks.

How We Serve Farmers

To reach as many farmers as possible, we serve farmers directly via our network of field officers who provide tailored training to help farmers grow strong, healthy trees and achieve big harvests. Our activities include:

  • Providing farmers with a package of trees and the training they need to create an additional source of income while strengthening their resilience in the face of a changing climate. 
  • Helping to improve soil health and combat erosion, which in turn helps increase yields and reduce farmers’ reliance on synthetic fertilizer. 
  • Diversifying our tree offerings—including Faidherbia Albida (musangu), moringa, orange trees, pine and eucalyptus—to provide a range of solutions from medicinal use to food to timber and beyond.
  • Working closely with local leaders and the government to roll out the program and incorporate social behavior change to help increase the adoption of trees, with the ultimate goal of converting more farmland to agroforestry farmland.
A tree nursery manager in Zambia waters some tree seedlings
Trees offer many benefits to farmers


Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Zambia.

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A farmer stands proudly with a tree sapling he's growing in Zambia