Areas of focus
Areas of focus


Quality farm supplies can only get farmers so far; knowledge and training play a big role in their success.

What farmers need

Technique goes hand-in-hand with quality supplies when it comes to success in farming. Farmers need the know-how to maximize their yields and keep their soil healthy.

What we do

One Acre Fund’s team of field officers provides expert, tailored training directly to farmers throughout the year. This includes training on land preparation, planting technique (for example, seed spacing and fertilizer microdosing), weeding, top-dress fertilizer application, pest and disease management, harvesting and drying, crop storage and processing, composting, and tree planting.

The work we do with farmers doesn’t stop at the first growing cycle. Our trainings are heavily focused on the behavioral changes needed to improve soil health over time and build climate resilience, including climate-smart techniques in land management, the production and application of compost, use of agricultural lime, and intercropping.

Invest in Farmers

Smallholder farmers hold the key to a brighter future. Help us serve even more farm families today!

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A farmer in Tanzania holds a planting card and some tree seedlings