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Hard-working smallholder farmers are at the heart of Kenya's economic development. We help them prosper.

In Kenya, we operate under the local brand, Tupande, which means “let us plant” in Swahili.

Teresa Otsieno stands in her field in Kenya
"I always have access to the inputs and products I need. It has enabled me get solar lights, tarps and a phone in addition to farming inputs!"

Teresa Otsieno

A Tupande farmer from Eshiakula Site, Mumias

Since 2006, One Acre Fund has helped Kenya’s farmers improve their harvests and prosper. We operate in the western, central, and southwestern regions of Kenya, three of the country’s primary food-producing areas.

We offer quality farm products and services, along with affordable payment options. As our customers, farmers choose products that make sense for their farms.

We support many staple crops, such as grains, beans and vegetables, which farm families rely on for food. We also offer commercial crops, livestock and trees, to help farmers diversify their incomes.

Theresa Wanyama stands in her field in Kenya

Meet a One Acre Fund Client

Theresa Wanyama was one of the first farmers to join One Acre Fund when it first launched in Kenya in 2006. She hasn't looked back since. Read her story

Our Impact in Action

Felistus Shimwati started farming with One Acre Fund in Kakamega, Kenya, in 2009. Before joining, Felistus would harvest just four sacks of food from her farm, which would feed her eight children for only three months.

With proper farm supplies and planting techniques, Felistus harvested 14 sacks of food in her first year with us, taking her first step in her path to prosperity. She added more land to her farm year by year, bought solar lights, livestock, and paid school fees for all her children. Whenever she is short on cash, she sells milk and eggs, or even a chicken. 

Last year, Felistus visited a One Acre Fund shop for the first time and loved the convenience. She bought vegetables for the short rains and was pleased to pay by phone in two installments.

In 2020, despite the challenges of Covid, she built a new home for herself and two houses for two of her sons. “I’m so delighted that One Acre Fund had given me a place to sleep peacefully. I’m now living my dreams. I have a big house that I have named One Acre Fund,” says Felistus.

Felistus Shimwati

Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Kenya.

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A farmer in Kenya stands holding her jembe