Climate resilience
Climate resilience

Climate leadership

One Acre Fund advocates for smallholder farmers to be put front and center of global climate decisions. This is pivotal for achieving global climate goals. In our work we collaborate with farmers to develop solutions that help them build their climate resilience.

Over 2 billion people rely on smallholder farms for food and income. Putting farmers at the center of global climate dialogue is critical to identifying effective climate-resilience solutions.  

Farmer-led: One Acre Fund works collaboratively with farmers to develop solutions for smallholder resilience. Our 7k+ staff engage with farmers through focus groups, mass annual household surveys, 'always on' customer hotlines in every country, and through our field staff themselves, the majority of whom are farmers from the communities where we work.

Elevate farmer voices: We are utilizing the insights of smallholder farmers to advocate for climate solutions at an international and national level, alongside thought leadership in the sector. 

In 2022, we attended COP27 in 2022 to amplify the voices of smallholder farmers in international decision making, and in 2023 released our Global Croptake - a report summarising changes in key indicators since the Paris Agreement, and what further changes the global community might see if we continue on our current trajectory. 

The Croptake is a rallying call to action for governments, policymakers, financial institutions and civil society to increase engagement with and investment in smallholder farmers, ensuring smallholders can build a prosperous future and sustain their livelihoods despite the income shocks, loss and damage caused by the climate crisis.

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