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Since 2013, One Acre Fund has been working with Malawian farmers to help them improve their harvests and prosper.

One Acre Fund operates in two very distinct regions of Malawi, the densely-populated Southern region focused on staple crops, and the breadbasket Central region with its rich history of legume and cash crop farming. 

Our vision is to serve all Malawian farmers so they can build a farm for the future: “munda wa makono.”  This means that farmers have enough food and income today and at the same time are able to build security and resilience for the future. 

A farmer stands with her field officer in her field in Malawi

How We Serve Farmers

To reach as many farmers as possible, we serve farmers directly through our network of field officers and also operate a seasonal network of shops in certain areas. We focus on:

  • Improving the harvests farmers get from staple crops, like maize, to help with food security. We do this by providing quality farm products and training. 
  • Encouraging farmers to diversify their crop to help them expand their income options, improve nutrition, extend their growing season and improve the health of their soil. 
  • Providing farmers with access to tree seedlings to help protect their land from erosion, improve soil fertility and provide wind-breaks for vulnerable crops. 
  • Providing insurance that provides farmers with a safety net for severe crop loss due to extreme weather or pests. 
  • Developing innovative trials of larger tree packages of trees to help secure the longer term future for Malawian farmers and exploring opportunities like carbon sequestration.

Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Malawi.

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A female farmer laughing in her field with her jembe over her shoulder