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Our Work in Ethiopia

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Our growing tree program and government partnerships are helping Ethiopia’s farmers thrive.

One Acre Fund has been working with farmers in the Amhara region of Ethiopia since 2014, with a specific focus on trees since 2018. Our aim with the tree program is to provide not only short-term income opportunities but also long-term benefits, such as soil health improvements and erosion control, so that farmers build resilience over time.

Working in partnership with the Amhara Regional Government, our work contributes to Ethiopia’s wider Growth and Transformation Plan as well as the Climate, Resilient, Green Economy strategy.

How We Serve Farmers

In addition to our tree program, the One Acre Fund team in Ethiopia is continuously looking for new ways to improve our impact for farmers. At this moment we are working on:

  • Building a unique model for quality community-based crop seed production and multiplication.
  • Equipping private entrepreneurs and government nurseries to grow coffee seedlings for sale to farmers. We expect this to benefit women in particular. 
  • Testing new fruit tree offerings (such as avocado, moringa, coffee, neem, papaya, mango) in our network of agroforestry research sites.
  • Engaging with a malt factory and two cooperatives to kick start quality malt barley production in Amhara.
  • Exploring carbon sales as a way to cover program costs, add value to farmers’ tree planting and support local government initiatives.
Farmers in Ethiopia receive a tree training from one of our field staff
Our tree trainings ensure farmers can get the most from their seedlings

Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Ethiopia.

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A coffee farmer in Ethiopia stands among her coffee bushes