Our impact

We envision a world where all farmers have big harvests, healthy families, and rich soils.

Our Impact on Farmers’ Lives

By 2030, 9 out of 10 of people living on $1 a day will live in Sub-Saharan Africa, mostly in rural areas. Farming is the key to unlocking prosperity for millions of families.

Farmers choose to work with us because they harvest more from their farms, and can sell any surplus. This creates new farm profit—and extra money in farmers’ pockets. We aim to create more income for more smallholder farmers each year.

By 2030, we aim to serve 10 million farmers—fully 10 percent of the families in the world living on less than $1 per person, per day. In 2022, we served 4 million farmers, both directly with a bundle of farm services and indirectly by improving access to farm services in entire regions, typically through partner organizations. Collectively, One Acre Fund farmers create hundreds of millions of dollars in new farm profits each year. 

Our aim is to ensure that all the farmers we serve have big harvests, healthy families, and rich soil.

A female farmer stands holding a basket of sorghum

Big harvests

Smallholder farmers depend on the food they grow to feed their families and sell for income. On average, the farmers we directly serve increase their farm income by 40%+ per year —from the same plot of land—and produce a surplus for the first time. Learn more about our impact on income growth

A mother holds her child in front of their home in Burundi

Healthy Families

Farmers we serve directly are more likely to have a steady supply of food all year. They also grow and buy more nutritious food for their families—like beans, fruit, vegetables, and eggs—which is particularly important for children under the age of two. Learn more about our impact on food security

Two farmers planting trees

Rich Soils

Farmers we serve directly are more likely to enrich their soils with compost and to plant trees alongside their crops, which both capture carbon and build farmers’ assets. One Acre Fund farmers have planted 100 million trees to date, and are positioned to plant 1 billion trees total by 2030. Learn more about our impact on climate resilience

A farmer in Tanzania holding cobs of maize as she smiles at the camera

Read our 2022 annual report

This annual report provides an overview of our 2022 work and results, including notable highlights, updated key metrics by country, and deep dives on our Nigeria program, impact performance, how our new climate commitments are affecting farmers, and how we are expanding into new impact channels with a path towards financial breakeven.