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Our work in Rwanda

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We have operated in Rwanda since 2007. We both serve farmers directly and work in partnership with the Rwandan government to support  the entire agricultural sector.

One Acre Fund operates in Rwanda under the local brand Tubura, which means "to grow exponentially." To make this vision a reality, we adapted our program to meet the unique needs and growing seasons of Rwandan farms.

We offer quality farm products and services, along with affordable payment options. As our customers, farmers choose products that make sense for their farms. We support many staple crops, such as grains, beans and vegetables, which farm families rely on for food. 

We also offer commercial crops, livestock and trees, to help farmers diversify their incomes. In 2021, in collaboration with the Rwandan government, we distributed 19.4 million timber trees for free to 1.4 million farmers countrywide, as well as more than 300,000 fruit trees through other channels.

How We Serve Rwanda

Beyond our customer offerings, our work in Rwanda extends to several projects that leverage our years of expertise and on-the-ground learning to help everyone, whether they are our customers or not. These activities include:

  • Promoting youth entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities in the agricultural sector.
  • Researching and improving nutrition among smallholder farm families.
  • Piloting the Smallholder Resilience Fund (SRF), developed through a partnership with the Climate Finance Lab to help create profitable opportunities for smallholders in climate-friendly crops. 
  • Creating the Seed Center of Excellence in partnership with RICA University, to make it easier for Rwandan seed companies to succeed. 
A farmer and her daughter from Rwanda holding their chickens
By offering farmers in Rwanda chickens, we're hoping to improve nutrition through increasing egg consumption - particularly among children

Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Rwanda.

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A Rwandan farmer harvests her carrot crop