How tree nurseries are changing fortunes in Kenya and Burundi

In Kenya and Burundi, farmers like Wycliffe Nzaga, Eunice Nguu, and Sylvie Nahimana have witnessed first-hand the detrimental effects of climate change on farming. Inspired to do something, they embarked on a journey to become tree nursery managers, growing and supplying tree seedlings to their communities to help them build sustainable and resilient futures. For them and their communities, trees are #MoreThanATree.


More Than A Tree

We do tree planting differently. Our initiative to plant 1 billion trees is led by smallholder farmers and every seedling planted is an opportunity for them and their families to prosper.


Claudine Ayinkamiye: Farmer, tree entrepreneur, climate adapter

In just the first season farming with One Acre Fund, Claudine Ayinkamiye, a 30-year-old farmer from Rwanda, managed to produce 900 kilos of potatoes and maize. Thanks to this surplus, she was able to invest in different crops and trees, making her better equipped to withstand erratic weather due to climate change.


The transformative power of trees in Zambia

Trina Mwiinga grows trees on her farm in Zambia with One Acre Fund. In addition to the benefits trees provide - boosting her crop harvest, by protecting them from climate breakdown and providing shade for her animals from extreme heat - she is paid to look after them by One Acre Fund.


Social Entrepreneurs: Invest in Trees

Investing in trees might not sound like the most exciting investment, but trees can offer financial and social returns for years to come.