Man loading crates of small grevillea trees

Patiently Planting Grevillea Trees in Kenya

Though his neighbors question James' decision to plant Grevillea trees, he knows his hard work will pay off.
Trees Income growth

The Worth of Waiting

James Shadrack of Bungoma South has been a One Acre Fund farmer for 5 years. Since joining One Acre Fund, he has planted 1,500 grevillea trees.

James’s neighbors were surprised when they heard he was planting grevillea trees.

“Many people in this area are not interested in planting trees, and when they do they plant eucalyptus, which dehydrates the soil. Grevillea trees rejuvenate the soil and don’t hurt other crops growing on my land,” says James.

James is going to wait for his trees to mature before selling them. His neighbors use firewood for cooking, which is becoming scarce. Gas and kerosene are expensive. James hopes that if he waits a few years, he will be able to sell the trees for firewood and make a hefty profit.

He explains, “If I cut the trees when they are still young I will end up earning about 200 shillings ($2.30 USD) per tree, but if I give them time to mature then I end up earning a minimum of 3,000 shillings ($35.70 USD) per tree, so it’s definitely worth the wait.”

By selling his trees when they are mature, he hopes to make enough money to pay school fees for all his children who are still in school and to start a business buying and selling cattle.