Why Work Here

In the video above, Ronny and Victor from our team answer some common questions from our Kenyan headquarters about what it's like working on the One Acre Fund team.

Meaningful Work

At One Acre Fund, we measure success in our ability to make smallholder farmers more prosperous. We only serve farmers and we put Farmers First in everything we do. Every spreadsheet, every phone call, and every meeting is focused on producing better harvests and building brighter futures for some of the hardest working people on the planet.

Most of the world’s hungry people are farmers. We know how to make that activity significantly more productive. That is one huge opportunity.

Professional Development

One Acre Fund invests in the professional development of each of our team members from day one. People are always our primary focus: growing capable leaders in our organization means better service for the farmers we work with.

As a One Acre Fund staff member, you will have access to an amazing team, strong mentors, actionable feedback from your manager, and regular discussions about your career path. Our training and development team also rolls out new formal skills trainings on a regular basis.

You will also have as much responsibility as possible early on. We are allergic to daily micro-management. We push team members to make their own day-to-day decisions as soon as possible, offer well-reasoned new suggestions, and eventually recruit, train, and manage their own large teams. We back that up with targeted mentorship and skill-building, but strongly believe in autonomy.

Field Focus

At One Acre Fund, we do not have a “disconnect” between our headquarters and field operations, because our headquarters are in the field. Literally. Nearly all of our staff and top leadership live in rural areas, learning constantly from the people that we seek to serve. Even our few staff based in capital cities travel frequently to the field.

By humbly listening to farmers and understanding the specific context in which they live and work, we are able to respond flexibly to clients’ needs, innovate and implement solutions in real time, and see the impact of our work firsthand.

Daniel Omondi, One Acre Fund Daniel Omondi (left) from our Kenya Product Innovations team meets One Acre Fund clients near Kakamega, Kenya.


One Acre Fund will triple in size over the next four years. This organizational growth opens up new roles, new departments, and new leadership positions that challenge and motivate our team. 

As we grow to serve more farmers and expand our scope of services, we need leaders who can take the organization to the next level by taking ownership of teams and departments and using entrepreneurial skills to design impactful programs for our clients. 

As we increase in size, we are able to offer our staff the benefits of a larger organization, such as office and role transfer opportunities, administrative support, and the opportunity to see how a large organization can be run. 

At the same time, we think it is crucial to retain the innovative and flexible approach of a “start-up” social enterprise within each country of operation. By giving as much autonomy as possible, we feel we are able to deliver the benefits of both a large and small organization.

Family of Leaders

We care—deeply and genuinely—about the well being of people on our team.

Our team members are not here for short-term stints—nobody can build an actual career by hopping jobs every two years. We look to build and sustain long-term careers. We seek to make long-term investments in team members by regularly offering them stretch opportunities to grow their skills. 

Building a long-term family of leaders requires a deliberate focus on sustainability. Employees enjoy a full benefits package that enables them to sustain their careers and support their own families.


Members of our Rwanda team celebrating Staff Appreciation Day Members of our Rwanda team celebrating Staff Appreciation Day.

Imagine showing up at work every day, and getting to interact with passionate, motivated professionals who are your actual friends. We take great care to surround ourselves in our daily work with other likeable, humble people.

But don’t take our word for it—get to know us better by applying for a role! We have a deliberately intensive interview process that gives you contact with different members of the One Acre Fund team, especially in later stages of the interview process. Ask them as many questions as you can. We aren’t perfect by any stretch, but we think we have a pretty great place to work, build careers, and make an impact for the hard-working people we serve!

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