Tanzania Program Innovations Specialist

Shape core operations strategy to create lasting and noticeable impact for smallholder farmers.

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Field Operations
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Currently serving over 50,000 farm families, One Acre Fund has continued to expand their operations throughout Tanzania since opening in 2013.

Job Description

The position holder will lead the Program Innovations team and serve farmers by:

  • Managing the Senior Execution Supervisor (with a team of 2 Deputy Supervisors and 1 Officer) and Research Officer
  • Perform budget planning and management of a ~300 mil TZS annual budget
  • Undertake long term planning, ie strategic planning based on 5 year plan and populating a project pipeline
    • Gaining country and global support for project pipeline and individual project proposals
  • Provide technical support on project planning and execution, as well as owning evaluation and reporting
    • Will utilize  Execution Supervisor and Research Officer to plan and execute program trials and both quantitative and qualitative research
  • Own the Kiva fundraising partnership (ie high level comms, planning, goal setting, etc)
  • Spearhead global communications and relationships with internal support teams:
    • Utilizing the peer review board, agriculture research team, and working with M&E to plan effective randomized control trials and evaluate and/or confirm project outcomes and research findings

In addition to the Program Innovations team, the holder of this position will work closely with the following staff:

  • Regional Execution Leads
  • Field Training Strategy Coordinator
  • Field Execution Lead

Within the first three months, the holder of this position will:

  • Collaborate with country program leadership, field staff, global teams, and clients to plan out an 18 month project and research pipeline for the Program Innovations team
    • Using this will then adjust the budget accordingly to allocate resources to the highest priority areas
  • Redefine the staffing plan and organizational chart as necessary to fully utilize PGI resources
    • Together with the team will create specific job descriptions and position specific deliverables paired with performance metrics to measure progress
  • Support the Execution team in undertaking the planning and implementation of the “mobile repayment scale up burden of proof” project

Within the first six months, the holder of this position will:

  • Refine project and research planning, tracking, and evaluation tools and standardize these across the team and all ongoing projects
  • Through one on one and team trainings, delivered directly and through other internal experts in OAF, will add critical quantitative and qualitative project planning, evaluation, and research skills to the team, likely including:
    • Human centered design
    • Focus group planning and execution
    • Phone survey creation, implementation, and evaluation
    • Comprehensive report writing
  • Collaborated with the business operations department to plan and execute a mobile tablet customer enrollment trial project


  • Bachelors or Masters Degree-holder in any discipline
  • 3+ years of experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating field based projects in East Africa
  • Fluent English and Swahili speaker
  • History of building, managing, and mentoring a team
  • Demonstrable computer skills including but not limited to:
  • Google sheets and excel data management and analysis
  • Email fluency and ability to communicate effectively using this tool
  • Diplomatic working and communication style - a natural ability to work across teams to achieve buy in and move projects forward while considering multiple competing priorities
  • Strong desire to split work time between the office and field and focus on project planning and management
    • Formal and documented weekly manager check ins which provide a venue for feedback on project work and professional development
    • Structured opportunities to collaborate with and present/propose solutions to the wider OAF management team through:
      • Fops strategy meetings
      • Steer-co meetings
      • FL and SFD meetings
    • Within three months of taking this position the manager will provide the position holder with a development plan that aims to clearly define expectations and prepare the position holder for future career growth within One Acre Fund
    • Every six months the position holder will receive a formal performance and development review (which will coincide with a salary review)Ability to handle multiple priorities at one time - for example providing direct management and professional development support to a team while maintaining project progress, responding to challenges, and controlling for costs against budget goals

Preferred Start Date

As soon as possible


Commensurate with experience 

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