Our Model

We supply Africa’s farmers with everything they need to grow more food and earn more money.

We help farmers grow and sell more crops. A few simple steps can make farms far more productive.

First, farmers need quality farm products, like seed and proper soil nutrients. Second, they need access to best practices on planting and caring for crops that are well-suited to their land. Finally, they need to store their harvest safely and sell it at a profit.

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We offer quality products and services in deeply rural areas, along with affordable payment options. As our customers, farmers choose products that make sense for their farms.

We support many staple crops, such as grains, beans and vegetables, which farm families rely on for food. We also offer commercial crops, livestock and trees, to help farmers diversify their incomes.

To reach as many farmers as possible, we both serve farmers directly and also work with partners.

Full-Service Program

In 2021, we served 1.4 million farmers directly through our full-service program in Eastern and Southern Africa. We work directly with farmers throughout the year, which generally includes the following:

  • We provide quality farm products on credit, which farmers repay over the full growing season.
  • We deliver these products within walking distance of farmers’ homes, in time for planting.
  • We train farmers on the latest agricultural practices and how to sell any harvest surplus.

Input Delivery - Trees - Top Dress - Iringa A farmer carries home his avocado tree seedling and farm inputs from a delivery site in Iringa, Tanzania.


In 2020, we served 2 million farmers through partnerships. Drawing on our expertise from the full-service program, we work with governments and private sector partners to expand access to quality agricultural services to all farmers in a region, beyond our customers. Sample partnerships include:

  • In Rwanda, we co-launched a seed plant to increase Rwanda’s supply of domestic maize seed
  • In Ethiopia and Malawi, we partner with governments and public sector actors to expand local tree planting.

Made in Rwanda Seed Launch - Group Pic The Manufacturing team celebrate the launch of the "Made in Rwanda" maize seed plant in Gabiro, Rwanda.

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