Country Staff: 545 | Farmers served: 61,400

Suzana and Jimmy Nziku, Tanzania Suzana and Jimmy Nziku, smallholder farmers from Tanzania who first started farming with One Acre Fund in 2013. In their first season with us their family harvested more than 3,000 pounds of maize from their two acres of land.

One Acre Fund started working in Tanzania 2013. We currently support farmers cultivating maize over one long growing season per year in Iringa and Mbeya regions.

The average farm size in Tanzania is larger than our other countries of operation, and the use of oxen is more common for fieldwork. As a result, we’ve had to adapt our training sessions around planting to meet farmers’ needs. Lower population density also means that our delivery network has to travel further to reach clients.

Our Tanzania headquarters is based in Iringa, roughly 300 miles from the capital city, Dar es Saalam.

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