Kenya Common Bean Trial

This report demonstrates the potential of developing new bean planting techniques and varieties in order to identify higher-yielding and less susceptible varieties.

Common bean is a staple crop in much of East Africa, including western Kenya. However, disease is a
problem for the bean varieties most typically available to smallholder farmers. In particular, root rot has been identified as a major suppressor of yields in western Kenya. One Acre Fund is working with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) to identify higher-yielding, less susceptible varieties. One variety, KK8, has proven to be resilient in the face of root rot and has proven popular among farmers. We consulted a range of experts, including Otsyula Reuben Masheti, head of the Grain Legume Program at KARI Kakamega, to develop new bean planting techniques and varieties. The professionalization of the planting method and adoption of improved common bean seed by One Acre Fund farmers could help contribute to broader commercial adoption of improved bean seed in East Africa.