Community impact


More Than A Tree

We do tree planting differently. Our initiative to plant 1 billion trees is led by smallholder farmers and every seedling planted is an opportunity for them and their families to prosper.


A field officer’s mission: Planting the seeds of climate resilience within her community

Fifty-two-year-old One Acre Fund field officer Alphonsine Nyiransabimana dreams of a thriving agricultural industry in Rwanda, where farmers can earn a decent living. She is working to fulfill this mission by helping farmers in her local community access credit and quality seeds so that they can increase their harvests and adapt to extreme weather caused by the climate crisis.


One Acre Fund Nigeria: From Pilot to Full Country Program

Starting as a pilot serving 150 farmers in 2018 in Niger State, our program in Nigeria has been hugely successful – in 2022, we served over 24,000 farmers. We are rapidly scaling and expanding our work, which has the potential to transform the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Nigeria’s smallholder farmers over the next decade.


Investing in a new generation of farming entrepreneurs

Our Executive Director, Andrew Youn, shares his vision on why investing in young farmers is key to addressing the challenges we face in agriculture today – from sustainably feeding the world’s growing population to finding lasting solutions to resilient, profitable agriculture.


Doorstep delivery: How're we're reaching farmers in new ways

At One Acre Fund, we specialize in last-mile delivery, distributing agricultural supplies within walking distance of some of Sub-Saharan Africa’s hardest-to-reach places. And in 2022, we set up our first-ever Home Delivery Unit in Kenya.


Evolving our Enrolment to Serve More Farmers in Kenya

When Sally, a Marketing Strategist, joined our Kenya program in 2011, we were serving 28,000 farmers. Today, that number has grown to nearly half a million. She tells the story of how our enrolment process has evolved in this time.


Opening A Clinic With Her Harvests

Mangalena Nsaiga used the income from her farm to help her daughter Cissy open a pharmacy and medical clinic in Uganda.