More Than A Tree

We do tree planting differently. Our initiative to plant 1 billion trees is led by smallholder farmers and every seedling planted is an opportunity for them and their families to prosper.


How innovation is shaping Malawi's agricultural landscape

Smallholder farmers in Malawi play a vital role in the country's economy, but they face production challenges – due to limited resources and access and changing weather patterns. Learn more about what we're doing to support them.


The Case For Farming Insurance To Help Smallholders Build Climate Resilience

Farming insurance is an emerging tool in climate risk management that can help ensure smallholders are able to plant again the following season even if crops fail in the current one, and encourage them to take risks to invest more in their farms even when the climate is so unpredictable.


Insurance Can Improve Food Security in Africa

Governments must secure the livelihoods of farmers. One proven tool to increase farmers’ resilience is insurance. But with few insurers entering the market, government support is critical.