Join a One Acre Fund Chapter

One Acre Fund chapters are networks of people who passionately believe in the possibility of ending hunger in our lifetimes. They are committed collaborators keen on activating global change with their local communities.

One Acre Fund chapter members directly support our work to serve hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers in East Africa every year.

Chapter members join (or help start!) a network of like-minded people in your city who:

  • Raise awareness of current challenges faced by the majority of the world’s poor
  • Spread the word about One Acre Fund’s proven solution to these challenges
  • Creatively engage your networks and communities to collectively raise funds in support of smallholder farmers’ shift from subsistence to self-reliance
  • Gain leadership experience and become a “go to” for local, impact-driven opportunities for global change

Interested in learning more? Please email for more information.