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Annet Kasiti, one of our Field Officers in Western Kenya, takes a group of farmers through a product catalogue prior to enrolling them into our program.

Evolving our Enrolment to Serve More Farmers in Kenya

When Sally, a Marketing Strategist, joined our Kenya program in 2011, we were serving 28,000 farmers. Today, that number has grown to nearly half a million. She tells the story of how our enrolment process has evolved in this time.

24 Nov 2021 How One Acre Fund Works Impact

Farmer Holding Maize

Impact Challenge: Innovating to Double Farmer Profit

Our countries and global departments share how we’re innovating to multiply farmer impact by 2024 and deliver $1 billion in impact in terms of food and income by 2030.

28 Oct 2021 Agriculture Innovation Impact

Delivering a Health Response to COVID-19

At a time of a global health crisis, we are drawing on our deep delivery expertise and trusted community ties to respond to emerging farmer needs.

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