Faustin Mbundu Kananura

Executive Chairman, MFK Group Rwanda

Faustin Mbundu Kananura

Mr. Faustin Kananura Mbundu runs and holds equity in a number of companies involved in a number of businesses ranging from Information Technology and Tourism to Agri-business and Education. He has a host of entrepreneurial experience, having founded and managed several companies in East Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Hons) from Makerere University and owns more than half a dozen companies in several sectors, including agriculture, real estate, consultancy, gaming, coffee export, fertilizer manufacturing, animal feeds, schools, a brokerage firm called MBEA, fruit export, and others.

One of MFK Group’s subsidiaries, Garden Fresh, was the recipient of the “Best Emerging Exporter” award in 2018. 

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