Female small farmer and her crops

Invest in small-scale farms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. Your donation helps One Acre Fund deliver services to a farm family for a full year.

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A farmers stands smiling in her field with her jembe slung over her shoulder
Tulalumba Luvinga inspecting her crops
"Farming and the salon business have given me the means to provide for my daughter and educate her."

Tulalumba (Tula) Luvinga

Farmer and business owner, South Kilolo - Tanzania

A tree nursery manager in Ethiopia tends to the tree seedlings

Farming and Climate

Farmers who rely on rainfall are on the front lines of climate change. They must adapt to the changing weather now, and keep their land sustainable for generations to come. One Acre Fund farmers have planted 100 million trees to date, and we aim to see 1 billion trees planted by 2030. Find out more