Climate resilience


The Case For Farming Insurance To Help Smallholders Build Climate Resilience

Farming insurance is an emerging tool in climate risk management that can help ensure smallholders are able to plant again the following season even if crops fail in the current one, and encourage them to take risks to invest more in their farms even when the climate is so unpredictable.


Why Climate-Smart Agriculture Is So Important For Smallholder Farmers

Enabling farmers to adopt climate-smart approaches to farming helps build more sustainable food systems that protect the environment, improve smallholder livelihoods, and create new business opportunities. This is critically important as the world grapples with the combined challenges of climate change and economic crisis.


One Acre Fund's Climate Commitments

We’re launching a 10-year climate strategy committed to building the resilience of smallholder farmers in the face of a changing climate.

Impact study

Developing a maize planting decision support tool

This study demonstrates the potential of providing planting date decision support to farmers, based on real-time forecasts of soil moisture, combined with climatological information on rainfall and temperature seasonality.


Insurance Can Improve Food Security in Africa

Governments must secure the livelihoods of farmers. One proven tool to increase farmers’ resilience is insurance. But with few insurers entering the market, government support is critical.