2021: Cultivating New Frontiers

Annual report
In a second straight year filled with challenges and uncertainty due to COVID, climate change, and inflation, One Acre Fund prioritized adaptation and innovation in supporting our clients.

At the beginning of 2021, we embarked on program improvements to put us on track to double our impact by 2025 — with only a slight increase in donor funding — and help 10 million farmers become more prosperous by 2030. We challenged ourselves to strengthen our services for farmers and to strengthen our team by investing in diversity, equity and inclusion. We’ve laid an important foundation for the next chapter of One Acre Fund.

Farmers’ needs are changing, and we are changing with them. We are making it easier for farmers to access our products and training with convenient shops and digital access. We are offering new commercial crops like macadamia, avocado, and coffee; better access to markets; and an expanded agroforestry program. We have exciting pilots that give farmers access to carbon credit markets, encouraging tree planting and
supporting the environment.

We have also made important changes in the daily staff experience of diversity, equity, and inclusion at One Acre Fund. Our senior management teams and top leadership bodies increasingly reflect the diverse identities of our staff, with a balanced representation of genders and a mix of nationalities. We now openly publish our demographic data in our annual People and DEI Report. To increase equity, we also began a comprehensive redesign of our pay, benefits and performance management systems, which is rolling out in 2022.