Climate action


One Acre Fund's Global Croptake: The data in depth

Smallholder farmers are witnessing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis on their crops, harvests, diets, and families. This is not a hypothetical future risk; it is a reality they are facing today.


A field officer’s mission: Planting the seeds of climate resilience within her community

Fifty-two-year-old One Acre Fund field officer Alphonsine Nyiransabimana dreams of a thriving agricultural industry in Rwanda, where farmers can earn a decent living. She is working to fulfill this mission by helping farmers in her local community access credit and quality seeds so that they can increase their harvests and adapt to extreme weather caused by the climate crisis.


How climate change is impacting smallholders in Malawi

This Earth Day - a day dedicated to raising awareness of the challenges our Earth faces and galvanizing action to protect it - we’re highlighting how smallholder farming communities are being affected by climate change.


One Acre Fund's Climate Commitments

We’re launching a 10-year climate strategy committed to building the resilience of smallholder farmers in the face of a changing climate.