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Seeking an exceptional professional with 3+ years of project management experience to deliver excellent support to country implementation teams on  high quality, participatory program design and implementation.


Why healthy soils are critical to building smallholders’ climate resilience

Maintaining and improving soil health is essential to ensuring farmers can stay resilient in the face of increasing pressures on land and a changing climate. Healthy soils produce better harvests, meaning farmers can harvest more even on small areas of land, and healthy soils mean healthier crops that are more resilient to extreme weather events.


Investing in a new generation of farming entrepreneurs

Our Executive Director, Andrew Youn, shares his vision on why investing in young farmers is key to addressing the challenges we face in agriculture today – from sustainably feeding the world’s growing population to finding lasting solutions to resilient, profitable agriculture.

Farm finance

The Case for Farm Finance

This report highlights how meeting the needs of smallholder farmers in farm finance can unlock agricultural potential.


Turning the Tables in Tanzania

Kija hoped to provide a better life for her children, so she pursued the training she needed to succeed.

Impact study

A Decade of Measurement and Impact

This Comprehensive Impact Report aims to take stock of One Acre Fund’s M&E in its first decade of operation, highlighting lessons learned, methods we have refined, and areas for further improvement.

Agricultural innovation

PICS Storage Bag Scale-Up

 One Acre Fund Tanzania sought to encourage farmers to shell and store their maize early. One Acre Fund Tanzania performed several phases of trials with PICS bags, beginning with an assessment of impact and then moving on to adoption/feasibility.


Taking the Market to the Farmer

Even when farmers have good harvests, a lack of market access prevents them from running businesses that truly thrive. Here's how One Acre Fund is solving rural Tanzania's market access problem.

Impact study

2014 Annual Impact:

This report provides a detailed breakdown of One Acre Fund's program impact by country in 2014