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Hoe we de impact meten
Hoe we de impact meten

Insights and data library

By transparently sharing our data, insights, successes, and failures, we aim to provide a comprehensive portrayal of our overall impact.  We think of impact as our "North Star", and rigorous measurement is the only way to know if we are heading in the right direction.


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Impact study

Tree Seedling RCT: endline report

This is an endline report covering the Tree Seedling RCT study conducted by evaluation firm Laterite, looking at the impact of One Acre Fund's grevillea (timber) tree-planting program In Kenya, 2019 -2022

Agricultural innovation

One Acre Fund's Digital Innovations

This case study shares the key lessons learned from One Acre Fund's experience in the field choosing products and partners, and rolling out changes in the field.

Impact study

Teso RCT final results

Maize and beans production impact study in Teso district, Kenya.

Impact study

Developing a maize planting decision support tool

This study demonstrates the potential of providing planting date decision support to farmers, based on real-time forecasts of soil moisture, combined with climatological information on rainfall and temperature seasonality.


Agronomic survey data

Every year, One Acre Funds collects rich agronomy data for internal monitoring and evaluation purposes across all our countries of operation. Download the full dataset from 2021 here.

Agricultural innovation

Targeting travertine application in Rwanda (2020)

This study shares the results of a project that was executed on-farm trials so that it would assist in developing approaches to enable One Acre Fund and other organizations to locally tailor recommendations for travertine application in Rwanda.


Optimizing maize variety allocation

This report shares the new tools, collaborations and processes developed in this project to evaluate and plan improvements on maize seed variety distribution systems.

Social enterprise

Four Mindsets That Accelerate Nonprofit Growth

A reflection on how a set of strategies related to target-setting, financial modeling, program measurement, and organizational culture helped one organization reach a major milestone.

Impact study

Assessing our holistic impact

This paper describes multi-year (2016-2019) results of holistic impact measurements to showcase impact across three domains for each of our countries of 0peration using the impact scorecard.

Impact study

Agriculture/nutrition 2018 RCT results

Assessing the effectiveness of our integrated agriculture/nutrition intervention program targeted at families in Western Kenya with children ages 6-35 months

Social enterprise

Financial Sustainability 2.0: A Means to an End

In this white paper, Once Acre Fund explains the factors that have driven the change in discussions around financial sustainability and the latest thinking on this important topic.

Farm finance

The Case for Farm Finance

This report highlights how meeting the needs of smallholder farmers in farm finance can unlock agricultural potential.

Impact study

Farmer resilience white paper

This report outlines the methodology used to measure our program’s impact on farmer resilience and also presents the results from the study conducted across six countries in 2017.