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Farmer resilience white paper

Impact study
This report outlines the methodology used to measure our program’s impact on farmer resilience and also presents the results from the study conducted across six countries in 2017.
By Vasundhra Thakur

Each year, One Acre Fund rigorously measures the program impact on farmer profit by comparing agricultural revenue to input costs for both program participants and comparison farmers. Over time, we have expanded our concept of impact to move beyond immediate farmer profit to other areas that are not easily monetized but entail meaningful changes in farmers lives.

One such area is farmer resilience. One Acre Fund’s farmer clients live an existence close to the margins, and our intention is that program impact on farm profit helps bring these farmers into a more stable and prosperous existence. To ensure the sustainability of our impact and continuing prosperity of our clients, it is important that we are able to meaningfully build our clients’ resilience and their capacity to withstand shocks and stressors. This study is an attempt to understand One Acre Fund’s impact on farmer resilience across all countries in which we operate.