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A farmer from Kapsabet, Kenya, stands holding a cabbage she's just harvested

Introducing Tupande by One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund Kenya launches new services for farmers under a new name.
Farm supplies

On 17th May, 2022, One Acre Fund Kenya launched new services for farmers, along with a new brand: Tupande by One Acre Fund.

The official launch was marked by an event at the organization’s Kenya Headquarters in Kakamega, Kenya, and included government dignitaries, staff, and farmers.

People on stage at Tupande launch event

One Acre Fund was founded in Kenya in 2006. For 15 years, One Acre Fund has helped Kenyan farmers improve their harvests and prosper. Now, One Acre Fund Kenya is adding new products and services to respond to farmers’ changing needs. As our services expand, we are introducing ourselves to farmers with a new name: Tupande by One Acre Fund.

Tupande upholds the same commitment to quality and farmer prosperity as its parent brand, One Acre Fund. Farmers who choose to work with One Acre Fund consistently see bigger harvests and earn more income on their same plot of land.

With the launch of Tupande by One Acre Fund, we are making it easier than ever for farmers to increase their harvests and prosper. Main improvements include:

  • More products: Farmers can now buy quality farm products and services all year round.
  • More ways to shop: Farmers can buy directly from our field agents or at their local duka.
  • More ways to pay: Farmers can buy on cash or credit, and work in a group or individually.

“We are pleased to expand our services to Kenyan farmers. These changes respond directly to our customers’ requests for more products, more flexible financing, and more convenient delivery. We are excited to bring our services closer to the people, and serve farmers all year round, in both long and short rains,” said John Clark, CEO of Tupande by One Acre Fund. “Given the many challenges farmers face today, there has never been a more important time to support farmers in producing the nation’s food.”

One of the most visible changes is the growing network of Tupande by One Acre Fund dukas. Farmers can now walk into any duka any time of the year and purchase available products in cash or in credit. They can also order products through Tupande field agents and collect them at the dukas, or will soon be able to have the products delivered to their homes.

To find your nearest Tupande by One Acre Fund duka, please click here.

Tupande Duka (farm supplies shop)

 “We are very happy to partner with Tupande by One Acre Fund to serve farmers in Kakamega and Kenya at large. This year, Tupande by One Acre Fund has invested more than 800million in Kakamega county alone and we will continue working closely with them as they launch their new brand,” said the Chief Guest, Dr. Christopher Kadenge, the Chief Officer Livestock and Veterinary, Kakamega county.

Tupande by One Acre Fund also supports national efforts to increase forest cover. Tupande by One Acre Fund has opened tree nurseries across the country to distribute free tree seedlings. All farmers can get 20 free seedlings, even if they are not Tupande customers, and also have the option of purchasing additional seedlings for very low prices. Seedlings can be planted alongside crops and come with training. Tupande by One Acre Fund aims to see 75 million trees planted by the end of 2025.

Woman and trees

One Acre Fund’s work in Kenya continues to directly address Pillar One of the Big Four Agenda on food security and nutrition by providing quality products and services to help farmers increase their harvests and prosper. We are proud to be part of Kenya’s ambitious effort to improve food security nationwide.