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One Acre Fund works to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. In Ethiopia, we engage farmers in agroforestry and community-based seed multiplication to increase farmers’ incomes and make farming systems more resilient. Engaging with local actors at every step but bringing innovative ideas from outside, we are making rural farming more market-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The farmers we work with in Ethiopia have planted more than 30 million trees, produced over 1500 metric tonnes of improved teff seed, and improved the futures of nearly 200,000 community members. Our permanent team numbers over 150 with nearly 1,000 rural seasonal staff supporting them. Our country headquarters are in Addis Ababa and we have a large program office in Bahir Dar, plus several smaller field offices.

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"It never fails to amaze me to see how our work in Ethiopia enriches the lives of thousands of people, and how every year, we innovate and add new services for farmers."
Getinet Nega, Partnerships Associate
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Office Locations

Country Map - Ethiopia

Bahir Dar

Our Ethiopian headquarters, located on the new paved road in Kebele 13