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Operating since 2014, our main office in Bahir Dar in Kebele 13 hosts around 20 staff. We have 130 field staff and employ roughly 500 seasonal staff to support our operations. We work closely with the Amhara regional government and partner with over 200 local nursery entrepreneurs to run a tree program, through which 60,000 farmers planted more than 4 million trees in 2020. We plan to increase by 5x in the next few years, and we also support smallholder farmers through community-based seed multiplication.

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"I think the way we measure impact is the most precise measurement of an organization’s value-add that I have experienced. I love that 'impact' is our guiding star!"
Felema Amare, Innovations Program Associate
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Office Locations

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Bahir Dar

Our Ethiopian headquarters, located on the new paved road in Kebele 13