Frequently asked questions about One Acre Fund's Young Professionals Program

TUBURA One Acre Fund Interns

What is One Acre Fund’s Young Professionals Program?

It is a paid internship program that offers recent African graduates meaningful work and training opportunities at a high-performing, mission-driven organization

What do you look for in interns?

Our standards are high, but we're interested in the whole person, not just an academic record. We're primarily looking for university graduates, fluent in English and the country’s local language, with a wide range of experience. Those who are able to learn quickly and take feedback well tend to excel in our program. In the past, top interns embody values that closely align with One Acre Fund’s and are graduates with a passion for learning and leadership.

What do interns do at One Acre Fund?

The job description for interns vary. However, all interns can expect to receive substantive work assignments working on high-impact projects that support One Acre Fund's operations. For example, past interns have:

  • Coordinated early-stage research on soil health, livestock, and drought resilience

  • Evaluated ways in which we can better inform government partners on our impact in the communities in which we work

  • Worked on projects that help reduce financial waste and inefficiency across our operations

When do applications open for the program?

Our program accepts internship applications twice a year:

  • January cohort: applications are typically open August through September of the previous year (i.e. January 2020 cohort applications open in August 2019)

  • June cohort: applications typically open April through May of the same year.

View our latest internship opportunities here. Please note that we only accept applications submitted via the online application form available on our website. If you’d like to be notified when applications are open, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How many interns do you typically hire?

The number of interns we typically hire is determined by our organizational priorities at the given time of year. In the past, we have hired 20-50 interns per cohort.

How long are internships and can the placements turn into permanent jobs?

Our internships typically last three months with the option of extending this by an additional three months based on the need within the team and the intern’s performance. In the past, if there has been an opening or team need, high-performing interns that have demonstrated strong initiative and leadership qualities have received full-time offers.

Are all of your interns based in the field?

While some of our interns are based in a capital city location, the majority are based in our non-capital city offices and headquarters (i.e. our field offices). Location placement is determined based on the team assignment.

What can interns expect when they start?

All interns will attend an onboarding program at their country’s field headquarters. The one week program involves meeting clients and our field staff, and generally becoming better acquainted with our work. Additionally, each intern is assigned an onboarding buddy who helps them integrate quickly into their team, and a manager who they speak with one-on-one on a weekly basis.

What is the application and interview process like?

More than 4,000 talented graduates apply each year for a limited number of slots, and the selection process is very rigorous. Candidates can expect to complete a psychometric test, written essays, take-home exercises, and interviews. Candidates typically move through these stages over a period of two months. For more, please check out 4 Tips For A Successful One Acre Fund Internship Application.

How much do you pay interns?

We pay our interns a modest stipend that covers their living/ housing, transportation and communication costs.

Do we send interns to other countries?

Interns are placed in their respective countries based on their citizenship. As we are not able to sponsor a visa for interns, applicants must have existing rights to work in their respective countries.

Will I be notified if I am not selected?

We will notify you if you have not been selected to progress past the first stage. To stay informed, it is essential you submit your correct email address at the time of applying. Failing to do so will mean we cannot process your application or provide you with updates. Unfortunately, given that we typically receive more than 4,000 applications for each cohort, we are not able to give you specific feedback about why your application did not progress.

How do I check the status of my internship application?

Due to the high number of applications, we are unable to give you individual updates on the status of your application. We will contact you immediately once there is an update available on your application. Unless you hear from our team about your application, we do not have any new information to share with you.

Where can I submit feedback about the internship application process?

Please do so using our intern recruitment process feedback form. Any submitted feedback is kept strictly confidential.