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Six Ways We've Improved our Hiring Process

We’ve been working hard to make our recruitment experience faster, smoother, and more flexible than it was before.

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A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

Here, Emilie Umuhire, Kennedy Kimiti and Olivier Irakoze speak about their experiences working in our Global Recruitment team.

Careers Working At One Acre Fund

JD Muhire - Cropped

In My Own Words: Jean de Dieu Muhire

Jean de Dieu Muhire is our Rwanda Expansion lead. He talks about his growing career in agriculture and why empowering smallholder farmers is personal.

Staff Stories Working At One Acre Fund

Nadia Onsando

In My Own Words: Nadia Onsando

Nadia Onsando is a Human Resource Senior Specialist at One Acre Fund. She speaks about her journey to the organization, the scale and impact of our work, and the value of inclusive organizational culture.

Working At One Acre Fund Staff Stories

In My Own Words - Atieno Cheplemindet

In My Own Words: Atieno Cheplemindet

Atieno, a Senior Strategy Associate, describes her job as empowering teams to design systems that address stakeholders’ needs in the fastest, best way possible.

Careers Working At One Acre Fund

Being a Working Parent - Marion Kiprotich

#RemoteWorkHacks: Being a Working Parent During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has upset working and family life around the world. It’s a lot to navigate for anyone, but especially for working parents. How have others managed their working and parenting obligations?

#RemoteWork Hacks Working At One Acre Fund