Tanzanian Farmer Group


One Acre Fund works in select areas in the Iringa and Mbeya regions, with a small, but growing, presence in the country’s north.

Our Tanzania program, founded in 2013, supports 61,000 farmers with quality farm supplies as well as fruit trees like avocados. Our team in Tanzania is headquartered in Iringa and supported by three smaller offices—Mbeya and Njombe in the southern highlands, and Moshi in the north where the team is focused on expanding our services to new clients.

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“The work we do in Tanzania is essential because we serve smallholder farmers whose main source of income comes from the work of their hands on their small piece of land.”
Doreen, Corporate Operations Lead, Iringa
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Office Locations

Tanzania One Acre Fund Map


Our Tanzanian headquarters is on Lugalo Street in Iringa town


Mwanjelwa Street


Airport Street


Rau Street