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One Acre Fund is proud to partner with the Rwandan government on nation-wide efforts to modernize agriculture.

Our Rwanda program, founded in 2007, operates under the local brand Tubura. We have more than 2,000 staff located in all four Rwanda provinces, as well as Kigali. Together, we directly served more than 631,000 farmers in 2020. We also work closely with the government to support ambitious national efforts to improve food security.

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“It’s very important to work somewhere where you know your work has an impact on the community. I feel that when One Acre Fund has success, I also have success.”
Vedaste, Financial Analyst, Rubengera
Members of our Rwanda team celebrating Staff Appreciation Day Leonce of One Acre Fund, Rwanda Rwanda farmers tilling their land One Acre Fund

Office Locations

Rwanda Map One Acre Fund


Our Rwanda headquarters, located near Kibirizi market


Two offices, one in Kiyovu and another in Kacyiru