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Four Things to Know about an Interview with us During COVID-19

For prospective candidates, here are four important things to know about interviewing at One Acre Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Daniel Omondi, Program Innovations Manager

Three Unexpected Careers in Agriculture

Many organisations in the agricultural sector aren’t always looking for specialists in agriculture. They require a wide range of specialisations in order to function. Here, three of our staffers share what drew them to the sector.

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Staff at One Acre Fund's Soil Labs

Seven Surprising Careers in Agriculture

Working in agriculture means more than simply farming. Here’s how you can use your professional skills to make an impact.


One Acre Fund Interns in Rubengara, Rwanda

4 Tips For A Successful One Acre Fund Internship Application

An internship with One Acre Fund is a great way to launch your career, and we’re now looking for the best and brightest young Africans to join our team.


Bernard Kiprop

Finding Your Career Passion Close to Home

Why aren't more young professionals pursuing a career in international development?

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Check out some essential tips to improving your One Acre fund job application

5 Tips For Strengthening Your One Acre Fund Application

Tips to increase your chances of getting an interview for a role with One Acre Fund.