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Six Ways We've Improved our Hiring Process

We’ve been working hard to make our recruitment experience faster, smoother, and more flexible than it was before.

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Being a Working Parent - Marion Kiprotich

#RemoteWorkHacks: Being a Working Parent During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has upset working and family life around the world. It’s a lot to navigate for anyone, but especially for working parents. How have others managed their working and parenting obligations?

#RemoteWork Hacks Working At One Acre Fund

Marika West

In My Own Words: Marika West

We caught up with Marika West, the Chief of Staff on the Tech team, for her take on her team’s experience being at the hub of our COVID-19 response, working from home this past year, and more.

Working At One Acre Fund #RemoteWork Hacks

Oliver Simiyu laughing with with another staff member

#RemoteWork Hacks: Why (and how) you Should Practise Empathy Today

Maintaining pace while working remotely during a pandemic can be exhausting. And it's okay to not be okay. Here's how we've been practising empathy at work.

Working At One Acre Fund #RemoteWork Hacks

Jacqueline Sambu 2

#RemoteWork Hacks: Communicating Effectively During the Pandemic

We asked four staffers to share the tips and tricks that have helped ensure they’re able to communicate effectively while working from home.

Working At One Acre Fund #RemoteWork Hacks

Audrey One Acre Fund

5 tips for remaining productive during the pandemic (and beyond!)

We asked our staff to share five essential tips on how they're setting themselves up for success in the post-pandemic era!

Working At One Acre Fund #RemoteWork Hacks