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Diversifying Our Team As We Grow

One Acre Fund’s Executive Director Andrew Youn talks about the organization’s biggest opportunity to improve: building a more diverse and inclusive organization.

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One Acre Fund interns in Rubengera, Rwanda

Jumpstart Your Career With A One Acre Fund Internship

To find out what it’s like to be a One Acre Fund intern and how to make the most of our internship program, we spoke with three staffers who went through the program.

17 Feb 2020

Adam Kyamatare in Rwanda

Why Working in Rural Areas Makes Sense

Anyone who passionately wants to see African countries develop should want to be on the front lines of that development.

17 Feb 2020

Moses Ariong

Dreaming to End Hunger

Moses Ariong shares how he’s using his career at One Acre Fund to make an impact in Uganda.

17 Feb 2020

Outdoors shot of the Rwandan Headquarters of One Acre Fund

Building a Long-Term Career at One Acre Fund

Victor Matianyi, an I.T. Manager based in Kenya reflects on his career at One Acre Fund since joining in 2013.

17 Feb 2020

Isaac Mukonyi (centre) and coworkers at our research station in Kenya

Young People Are Crucial to Africa’s Rural Transformation

Africa’s agricultural industry is expected to grow in the coming years, opening up opportunities for young people entering the workforce.

12 Feb 2020