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Developers for Scale: What a Career in Tech at One Acre Fund Looks Like

We might not talk about it much, but technology is an increasingly large part of how we deliver impact for our clients.

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Nephat Maritim with Lurambi MP Titus Khamala

In My Own Words: Nephat Maritim

Nephat Maritim, a Government Relations Senior Analyst, talks about how we're collaborating with the Government to serve farmers during the coronavirus crisis, his career, and where he draws inspiration for his work.

David One Acre Fund

In My Own Words: David Buruchara

David, a Global Sourcing Logistics Associate, talks about his team’s role in our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what it means to deliver impact to more than one million farmers.

Kakamega HQ Office

Taking A Look Inside One Acre Fund's Headquarters

Have you taken the video tour of our Kenya headquarters yet?

| Working At One Acre Fund

Elvis Munane Cropped

In My Own Words: Elvis Munane

Elvis, a member of our Global Recruitment team, discusses his role and gives his insider perspective about the hiring process at One Acre Fund.

| Working At One Acre Fund

Doreen - Gabiro Seed Farm

In My Own Words: Doreen Ndishabandi

Doreen, a 2018 Skoll Foundation Emerging Leaders Fellow and Chief of Staff at One Acre Fund Rwanda, talks about the organization’s ongoing work around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

| Working At One Acre Fund