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Discover our latest careers stories - from interviews with staff at all levels of the organisation, to advice and top-tips for your application journey and deep dives on all things DEI, we hope these blogs help you understand even more about what a career at One Acre Fund looks like. 

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In My Own Words: Agnes Niyonsenga

Agnes, our Tech Service Desk Lead, talks about her instrumental role in helping us establish systems that are building blocks to staff and customer satisfaction.


In My Own Words: Diana Waka

Diana shares about leaving architecture to use her skills and talents to create meaningful impact for individuals and communities.


In My Own Words: Jeremy Muganda

Jeremy is a people-centered associate with a knack for innovation. He talks about his growing career in agriculture and how he uses technology to create convenience and efficiencies for smallholder farmers.


Women in Senior Leadership: Why it Matters

Michelle, our Global Director for Government Relations and Policy, talks about her career, her journey to the top, the hurdles she’s overcome along the way, and why she thinks “good girls” can get the figurative corner office.


In My Own Words: Getinet Nega

Getinet speaks about his career progression, and gives us an insider’s view of the roadmap towards positioning farmers as drivers of positive environmental impact.


Acing the One Acre Fund Interview Process

We sat down with Brenda Karimi, who leads recruitment for the Ethiopia program, to share some tips on being an outstanding candidate during an interview process at One Acre Fund.


A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

Here, Emilie Umuhire, Kennedy Kimiti and Olivier Irakoze speak about their experiences working in our Global Recruitment team.


In My Own Words: Jean de Dieu Muhire

Jean de Dieu Muhire is our Rwanda Expansion lead. He talks about his growing career in agriculture and why empowering smallholder farmers is personal.


In My Own Words: Nadia Onsando

Nadia Onsando is a Human Resource Senior Specialist at One Acre Fund. She speaks about her journey to the organization, the scale and impact of our work, and the value of inclusive organizational culture.


In My Own Words: Atieno Cheplemindet

Atieno, a Senior Strategy Associate, describes her job as empowering teams to design systems that address stakeholders’ needs in the fastest, best way possible.


‘I speak for every girl with a dream.’

Irene, one of the longest-serving members of the Internal Audit team, speaks about her experience as a woman in Finance, the highs and lows of her role, and what excites her about the future.


Why I Swapped Chasing Profits for Social Good

Atibo, our Global Financial Controller, speaks about how a revenue officer inspired her journey into the organization and how she’s impacting agriculture.