Country Staff: 2,770 | Farmers served: 631,400

Three farmers till their land together in Rwanda Chantal Nyirampozayo, Solange Nyirarukundo, and Suzan Mukabahiz prepare Solange's land for planting in Gitega, Rwanda.

One Acre Fund started working in Rwanda in 2007 during our second year of operation. We had to adapt our model to meet farmers’ distinctive needs—land sizes in the country tend to be smaller than in Kenya, and there are two main growing cycles per year. One Acre Fund still proved to be a good ft for Rwanda’s farmers, and our enrollment there has grown rapidly to more than 630,000 clients. In Rwanda, we operate under the name Tubura, which means “to grow exponentially.”

One Acre Fund is also a major employer in Rwanda, creating more than 2,700 jobs in the past decade. Our head office is in Rubengera, in rural western Rwanda, and we also employ a number of staff in the capital, Kigali. In addition to our core program, we are proud to partner with the Rwandan government to provide background support for their incredible nationwide farmer outreach programs.

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