Country Staff: 757 | Farmers served: 83,000

Burundi Group Leaders Meeting Lea Ntakarutimanam, Jouanie Ndayisenga, Jeanne Dionesie Ciza, and Deuce Kameza at their farmer group meeting in Muramvya District, Burundi.

The vast majority of Burundians rely on agriculture for their livelihoods, and One Acre Fund has seen overwhelming demand from farmers for our services since launching here in 2012. We support farmers with maize, beans, and potatoes over two growing seasons per year. In Burundi, we operate under the name Tubura.

By offering an intensive training program to farmers, we've enabled thousands of families to achieve better crop yields without spending more money on inputs. Fertilizer use is common in Burundi because its costs are subsidized by the government, but in many cases, One Acre Fund farmers are able to use less fertilizer than their neighbors because training sessions educate them on how to apply it efficiently through microdosing.

Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, so farmers starting from a low profit baseline tend to see large percentage improvements in their incomes after joining One Acre Fund. As a result, farmer retention and loan repayment rates are among the highest of any of our countries of operation. One Acre Fund’s head office in Burundi is located in Muramvya.

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