2021 Annual Impact Report

In a second straight year filled with challenges and uncertainty due to COVID, climate change, and inflation, we prioritized adaptation and innovation in supporting our clients to develop additional, diverse pathways to increased food security and better livelihoods.

After 15 years of operation, we’ve expanded to serve rural communities in nine different countries (the seven below, as well as pilots in Nigeria and Ethiopia). Our clients’ needs have evolved during that time. Farmers now need the flexibility to access our services and to buy farm supplies throughout the year, not just at the main planting season. In addition to staples like maize and beans, they want to farm more profitable commercial crops to sell and improve their incomes and livelihoods. They want to invest in assets like trees, which grow in value over time. By continually listening to farmer feedback, we can more effectively design our offerings.  

Indeed, to achieve our goal of doubling the impact we generate on roughly the same resource base we have today, we must tailor our crop offerings and delivery models to respond to each market we serve. We’re rolling out new products and services to create more impact and value for farmers, to give farmers more options about when they can sign up and which products and services they choose to buy. We are piloting valuable commercial crops, like avocado, macadamia and coffee, to increase farmers’ access to export markets and unlock higher profits. We’re also creating new channels to increase farmer access to services, products and training, like scaling retail shops and enhancing digital services to enable farmers to access important information virtually, on the go. 

We are ushering in a healthier financial future through responsive innovation and strong implementation to create meaningful, lasting livelihood changes.


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