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Sharing Our 2017 Annual Report

Check out our latest impact figures, get inspired by farmer success stories, and take a look inside our soil analytics laboratory in Kakamega, Kenya.

We’re proud to share our latest Annual Report, which details our progress over the past year and highlights some of the work we’re most excited about. 2017 was a milestone year for One Acre Fund, not least because we directly served more than 600,000 farming families for the first time ever.

New Impact Numbers

In this report, we release our latest calculations of One Acre Fund’s impact. These figures show that farmers who joined us in 2017 saw strong increases in their incomes, thanks to good weather conditions in much of East Africa, as well as continued improvements we’re making to the services we provide. You can read more about this in the Impact Deep Dive section starting on Page 6 of the report.

Farmer Success Stories

We also wanted to share some of the amazing success stories from just a few of the farmers who are working with us. Mangalena Nsaiga, a smallholder farmer from Kisozi, Uganda, used the income from her harvest to help her daughter, Cissy, start a pharmacy and medical clinic in a nearby village. Cissy, who trained as a nurse, says she’s proud to be helping her community, and especially the female patients that have come to rely on her as the only woman medical practitioner in the village. You can read more about Mangalena, Cissy, and other hard-working farming families starting on Page 10.

Innovations at Work

Finally, we wanted to give you a look behind the scenes at One Acre Fund by highlighting some projects from our expert staff. On Page 16, you can read about how our innovations team in Burundi is working to improve soil health while increasing farmers’ crop yields. On Page 20, we take you inside a One Acre Fund laboratory in Kakamega, Kenya, where our scientists are unlocking a wealth of knowledge hidden in farmers’ soils.

We hope you enjoy reading about all this and more in our latest Annual Report. The work continues this year and beyond, as we move closer toward our goal of serving more than 1 million farming families by 2020.

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