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Climate Change Is Already A Reality For The World's Farmers

One Acre Fund releases statement following announcement of U.S. intention to withdraw from Paris climate agreement.

The Impacts of Climate Change

For many in the United States, climate change is a theory, but for those in the developing world who rely on agriculture, climate change is already happening.

Millions of the world’s smallholder farmers rely on agriculture as their primary source of income, and changing rain patterns and fluctuating temperatures can derail harvests and devastate families. Bad harvests force parents to make hard decisions about how to make ends meet. They might have to give their children one meal a day instead of two or pull them from secondary school. As recent extreme droughts and famines indicate, climate change is already here for millions of people who live off the land.

There are adaptation tactics that we can employ, but governments must also step up to the plate to address this problem. It is disheartening that the United States is planning to withdraw from the 2015 global agreement to fight climate change. We hope that other world leaders will remain firm in their resolve to address this issue, and that public, private, and nonprofit sector actors will continue the important work they have ahead of them.

“Smallholder farmers are among the world’s most vulnerable people to the effects of climate change,” said Stephanie Hanson, One Acre Fund’s senior vice president for policy and partnerships. “It is critically important that we support them in the face of increasingly volatile conditions. For them, climate change isn’t just an abstract political argument -- it’s reality. The world needs to stand together to address this issue before it becomes an even bigger challenge.”

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