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Why Kenyan Feminists Should Advocate for Financial Equality

If more rural women had access to financing, a lot of things could change -- both for individual families and entire communities.

12 Jul 2018 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion Kenya

Mediatrice Musabyemariya repayment close up

One Acre Fund's Progress Towards Sustainability

The more sustainable we become, the fewer donor dollars we need per farmer to support our operations.

8 Jun 2016 One Acre Fund News Financial Inclusion

Farm finance

The Case for Farm Finance

Access to financing helped Wilbroda change her future. Millions of other farmers also deserve that opportunity.

4 Feb 2016 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion Kenya


To End Poverty, We Must Empower Rural Women

Rural women work incredibly hard for the survival of the whole family. Men get the easy way out when they get jobs in towns. Empowering rural women is the easiest way to end poverty.

3 Nov 2015 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion


The Best Reads from the Month of Microfinance

To celebrate the great ideas being discussed during the "Month of Microfinance," we compiled a few of our favorites here.

22 Apr 2015 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion

Month of Microfinance

Best Reads from the Month of Microfinance

We put together a few articles and reports (breaking news and existing resources) we liked to add value to the conversation on Microfinance.

22 Apr 2015 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion


Responding To The Risks of Farm Finance

Providing smallholder farmers with credit to invest in their farms isn’t just a good deed, it can also be a good business opportunity.

8 Apr 2015 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion

Farmer repayment in Rwanda

Bridging The Microfinance Gap For Smallholder Farmers

While 55 percent of Africa’s population is engaged in agriculture, only 1 percent of bank lending goes to the agricultural sector.

6 Apr 2015 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion


Saving Together For A Better Life In Kenya

Group savings help women of Ndengelwa village in western Kenya grow together financially.

5 Oct 2014 Farmer Stories Financial Inclusion Kenya

Input Delivery

What to Read on Agriculture Microfinance

We've compiled a list of resources that explain just how valuable providing microfinance loans can be.

14 Sep 2014 Our Ideas Financial Inclusion

Input delivery in Nyanza, Nyamira district, Kenya.

Asset-Based Financing and Flexible Repayment Schedules

Here's an inside look into our unique approach to microfinancing, which specially targets smallholder farmers.

3 Apr 2014 Working At One Acre Fund Our Ideas Financial Inclusion

Delivering a Health Response to COVID-19

At a time of a global health crisis, we are drawing on our deep delivery expertise and trusted community ties to respond to emerging farmer needs.

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