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An M&E agent collects harvest results using his smartphone

Designing Tech for Rural Areas

One Acre Fund's Global Director of Technology on why it's an exciting time to be a techie and humanitarian in East Africa.

29 Nov 2018 Our Ideas Innovations


5 Digital Innovations Making A Difference Outside The City

Cutting-edge technology isn’t just for the big city. Here’s how new innovations are making a difference across rural Kenya.

14 Aug 2018 Our Ideas Innovations Kenya

Judith Wanyama, One Acre Fund

Moonshot Ideas in Agriculture

What’s the next big thing in farming? Here are five ideas that could revolutionize how we feed the world.

9 Feb 2018 Our Ideas Innovations

Rwandan Tree Delivery

Celebrating Milestones and Looking Ahead

2017 was a year full of challenges, successes, and opportunities. Here are just a few of the highlights.

2 Jan 2018 One Acre Fund News Innovations Trees

Matthew and Everline Wakhungu

Here's how Mobile Phones Are Making Difference in Kenya's Farmers' Lives

A look at the huge impact digitized loan repayments is having on Kenyan smallholder farmers.

8 Jun 2017 Our Ideas Innovations Kenya

Mobile repayment at One Acre Fund

UN Study: Digitization of Kenyan Farmer Payments Helps Tackle Poverty

For those who want to work in rural Africa, this success story is a must-read.

31 May 2017 One Acre Fund News Innovations

Rwandan Boat Delivery, Lake Kivu

Capping Off Our First Decade: 2016 in Review

As we cap off our first decade and enter into the next, we look back at a few highlights from 2016.

13 Jan 2017 One Acre Fund News Climate Change Innovations

Members of our team inspect the results of a fertilizer trial in Tanzania

Why We Reformulated Our Organizational Vision

As our vision has evolved to reflect a more long-term perspective, our thinking about impact measurement has also evolved.

25 Apr 2016 One Acre Fund News Innovations

Germana watches her maize harvest pickup

Taking the Market to the Farmer

Even when farmers have good harvests, a lack of market access prevents them from running businesses that truly thrive.

4 Apr 2016 Our Ideas Innovations Tanzania

Members of One Acre Fund's Malawi team in discussion

One Acre Fund Announces Promising Growth Projections

Recapping our recent bi-annual analyst call led by One Acre Fund co-founder Andrew Youn

16 Nov 2015 One Acre Fund News Innovations Malawi Uganda

Kenya remoteness landscape

Bringing "Take It To The Farmer" To The Very Last Mile

Agricultural development requires a dense network of trainers to communicate complex skills and knowledge.

9 Nov 2015 Our Ideas Innovations

Reusable Sanitary Pads for One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund Scales Reusable Sanitary Pads in Kenya

When our field officers in Webuye, Kenya met with farmer groups in January 2015, they were on a mission.

17 Sep 2015 One Acre Fund News Innovations

Customer Engagement Team

How One Acre Fund's Hotline Enhances Customer Service in Kenya

Our Customer Engagement Team receives insights into the plights and successes of our clients through our hotlines.

17 Jul 2015 One Acre Fund News Innovations

Planting at crop research station in Malawi

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Kenya's Crop Research Stations

Our research stations generate new ideas for agricultural products that could improve our farmers’ harvests and livelihoods.

9 Jul 2015 Working At One Acre Fund Innovations


Calling For A Distribution Revolution

We hope to innovate cost-effective, scalable ways to distribute agriculture technologies to millions of smallholder farmers.

24 Feb 2015 Our Ideas Innovations

Phelix helps load a truck

The Low-Down on Logistics at One Acre Fund

Phelix Oyath is our newest senior warehouse associate, having climbed from field officer to a logistics management position.

6 Feb 2015 Working At One Acre Fund Innovations Kenya Tanzania

Solar lamps

Solar Survey Yields Valuable Insights

When the need for solar lamps became clear, we conducted a survey to discover how they helped our farmers.

25 Nov 2014 One Acre Fund News Innovations Solar Kenya

OAF Field Staff

Scaling Impact: The Scale Innovations Team

Our Scale Innovations Team is crucial for helping One Acre Fund reach more farmers in the regions we work in.

8 Jul 2014 Working At One Acre Fund Innovations

One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund Receives Grant to Fuel Global Innovations in Smallholder Technology Adoption

This new partnership enables us to expand our innovations platform and broaden our reach to help even more families.

6 Nov 2013 One Acre Fund News Innovations

Farmer holding mobile and solar technology

Research and Development at One Acre Fund

Insight into our research and development process, which we use to expand our products and services.

20 Jun 2013 Working At One Acre Fund Innovations

Delivering a Health Response to COVID-19

At a time of a global health crisis, we are drawing on our deep delivery expertise and trusted community ties to respond to emerging farmer needs.

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